Love Letter #1

Dear AutoCAD,

Keeping with a creative mindset I’ve been in recently, I tried my hand at origami. Immediately, I ran into a few complications.

First complication; I live in a small town where, believe it or not, origami paper is not stocked in any shops. I used sugar paper, not the optimal paper choice for origami but, did the job nonetheless.

Second complication; I don’t own a scissors. I know you’re thinking, why do you need one to master the art of paper folding? Well, sugar paper does not come in squares so I had to fold and rip into a square, leading to near impossible clean folds after that.

Third complication; I have little patience. Trying to do the elephant (where the video is 24 minutes long, not including all the times I paused it) was tricky at the best of times!

Once I got into it I really enjoyed it. It is a great way to occupy a distracted mind while creating stunning little creatures. I made a butterfly, an elephant and the iconic crane.



I pretty quickly realised I’m not great at origami, not bad but not great. I think I’ll blame it on the paper. Yes, it was definitely the poor paper choice, not my lack of any type of finesse.

I want to share a secret with you guys…this is my proper first attempt. Laugh away! I call it shark crane, a Cark.