Love Letter #2

Dear AutoCAD,

As part of my ‘bake more’ initiative I have made bread. This might be dramatic but bread is the centre to my life, so I’ve made bagels, with the help of a family friend who supplied everything including the kitchen sink. This idea to bake bagels specifically came to me after I ate a whole packet of bagels in two days and wanted more. No judging. Now I have 8+a mini bagel of chewy, soft bready goodness.

The recipe came from the ever faithful BBC GoodFood. The bagels were so simple and really enjoyable to make (and even better to eat).



It was always a mystery to me how bagels were made but I didn’t realise how simple the procedure was! The only thing I couldn’t get right was the outside shell, it was quite rough looking and not smooth like the shop bought bagels. I think I’m going to put it down to not enough kneading.


I recommend baking bagels to anyone, the end product with lashings of butter are incredibly worth it.


Next baking project will hopefully be creme brûlée!


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